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Cosmo For Latinas: 13 Problems Only Curvy Girls Understand

Cosmo For Latinas: Selena Gomez Drops The F-Bomb, Storms Off Stage

Cosmo For Latinas: Evelyn Lozada Reveals Her Baby Daddy 

Cosmo For Latinas: Best Quotes From 2013’s Biggest Latina Stars

Cosmo For Latinas: 10 Things You Should Stop Saying To People In Interracial Relationships

Cosmo For Latinas: 12 Words People Need To Stop Using To Describe Latinas 

Cosmo For Latinas: 10 Ways People Make  American Latinos Feel Less Latino

AskMen: Matadors of Music

Latino Rebels: Michelle Rodriguez Talks About Her Career, the World Talks About Her Sexuality

Latina: 15 Best Chests in Hollywood

Latina: Adrienne Bailon’s 5 Craziest Confessions on “The Real”

Latina: 5 Latinos Who Should Have Been Cast as Batman 

Latina: Brazil’s Boyfriend Tracker App Dumped by Google

HuffPost: Don’t Sleep on Sleeping With the Fishes

Huff Post: In Support of Dirty Girls Over Maids

HuffPost: Eva Longoria’s ‘Devious Maids’ Is a Wasted Opportunity

HuffPost: Lessons From a Queen: Erykah Badu Shares Life Lessons

Being Latino: Man From Reno

Being Latino: CNN Latino Courts More Spanish-Speaking U.S. Latinos 

Being Latino: Soledad O’Brien to Journalists: Fill a Void by Making an Impact 

HuffPost: East WillyB Gives New Generation of Latinos a Voice 

HuffPost:  Sofia Vergara Loves Playing Stereotypes

Jezebel: The “Exclusive” Version of Rihanna’s New Album Will Set You Back $25o

Being Latino:  Father of Dark Fantasy Film Produces New Thriller, “Mama”

Being Latino:  MTV Gets Personal With ‘Washington Heights’

Latina ListaMTV Paints Picture of Teen Homelessness With “Inocente”

Jezebel: Midweek Madness April 17, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness April 3, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness March 27, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness March 20, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness March 13, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness March 6, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness February 27, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness February 20, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness February 13, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness February 6, 2013

Jezebel: Midweek Madness October 17, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness October 10, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness October 3, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness September 26, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness September 19, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness September 12, 2012

Jezebel: Mag Hag September 6, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness September 5, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness August 29, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness August 22, 2012

Jezebel: Midweek Madness August 15, 2012

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