Cosmo for Latinas (Winter 2013 Print Issue): Should You Cover for a Cheating Friend? 

Cosmo For Latinas: 10 Ways To Stop Settling For Bad Sex

Cosmo For Latinas: 10 Things You Should Stop Saying To People In Interracial Relationships

Cosmo For Latinas: 12 Words People Need To Stop Using To Describe Latinas 

Cosmo For Latinas: 10 Ways People Make  American Latinos Feel Less Latino

Cosmo for Latinas: Fun-Size Tricks and Treats for Couples

AskMen: 10 Latino Wardrobe Staples 

Cosmo for Latinas: No Ring, No Problem

Latina: 8 Latina Erotica Books You Should Check Out Today

Cosmo for Latinas: I’m Not Your Mami! 

New Latina: Don’t Let Melanoma Leave a Dark Spot on Your Life

Cosmo for Latinas: My Abuelita is Counting My Eggs…

Cosmo For Latinas: No Speak Spanish My Love

New Latina: With Challenge, Comes Change–My ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

New Latina: Getting Fit, Not Flaca–Taking the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

Being Latino:  Latinos are the Social Butterflies of Social Media

Jezebel: Casting Call For ‘Hot Blooded’ Latina Moms Makes My Blood Boil

Jezebel: Why Are You Offering Me Discounted Liposuction? Are You Calling Me Fat?

New Latina: Eat, Drink and Dance To Your Salud!

New Latina: Three Quick, Simple and Sneaky Ways To Get Fit

iHollabackHollaback To School

Manik MagazineInterview With Comedienne Nicci Page

Manik Magazine:  Interview With Comedienne Del Harrison 

Manik Magazine:  Be Eco-Fabulous

Revisionist:    Reimagining History

Bowdoin Orient:   A Cause For [False] Alarm 

Bowdoin Orient:   A Look At the Bowdoin Security Surveillance Network

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